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  • 51 West Maple Ave. Merchantville, NJ
  • Academic Excellence Fostered By Catholic Tradition

    The mission of St. Peter School is to teach, nurture, and model Gospel values in the Catholic tradition, while promoting individual growth and academic excellence.

    St. Peter School has served students in South Jersey since 1927. Our general curriculum is set by the Diocese of Camden and our goal is for students to greatly exceed state and national standards for student performance. St. Peter School strives to be a school where faith and reason embrace; where our Catholic intellectual tradition informs and guides the latest advancements in contemporary education; where the pursuits of science and application of technology are placed under the gentle yoke of Catholic social teaching.

    Distinctive advantages of Saint Peter School:

    • A highly qualified faculty
    • Weekly Mass in our beautiful church next door
    • A deep sense of tradition among families in the school. Many alumni send their children for multiple generations
    • Daily prayer at start and close, along with teacher and student driven prayer throughout the day, including recitation of the Rosary
    • An integrated approach to education; a focus on technology across the curriculum; a focus on the intersection of faith and knowledge in all its branches; a focus on the cultivation of reading and writing skills across our curriculum
    • An emphasis on the study of Latin as a means for improving vocabulary and grammar skills, and establishing a foundation for the learning of multiple world languages
    • A safe, orderly environment conducive to the education of your child
    • Diverse student activities and clubs, such as robotics, karate, choir, and various sports
    • A variety of service activities including the support of our local St. Vincent de Paul Society
    • An outstanding school choir
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