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    "I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy."—President John Adams

    Our Math Program at a Glance

    • Smaller Math learning cohorts (4th-8th grade)
    • Formal accelerated math program grades 5-8
    • Online learning platforms for gifted students per metrics specified in handbook
    • Optimal class sizes for instruction in all grade levels
    • Emphasis on Math mastery (primary and elementary grades)
    • Early foundation in Math literacy (prekindergarten and kindergarten)
    • Utilization of online subscriptions as supplemental resources for parents and students (example: Math IXL)
    • Culminates in mastery of pre-Algrebra and Algebra I concepts (Accelerated Math) by eighth grade


    Mathematics is a core discipline at St. Peter School that is is consistently taught at each grade level. Primary and elementary grades (grades Pre-K-4) focus on the building of a solid foundation in math facts and fundamental math skills. Aside from teaching critical life skills, Mathematics has the capacity to introduce students to the study of formal logic and cultivate an appreciation of the beauty of logic. Albert Einstein once stated,

    “Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.”

    For this reason, the study of mathematics is crucial to our wider mission of forming the whole child, in all his or her spiritual faculties, leading them to the beginnings of a integrated understanding of knowledge. It allows children to awaken their sense of contemplation of the beauty and order of God’s creation. Such an integrated understanding of knowledge establishes in the mind of the child a firm relationship between math, art, and poetry. Further, the disciplined and ordered thinking required by mathematics allows us to cultivate the intellectual and moral virtues in our students, preparing them to be strong clear thinking leaders and citizens in the 21st century.

    The mathematics program for the Middle School at SPS (grades 5-8) features two paths: Accelerated Math and mainstream Math, differing only in pace. The prime objective of Accelerated Math is to learn Algebra I by the end of eighth grade. Students are invited to participate in the Accelerated Math class starting in fifth grade if they meet certain requirements based on academic performance, standardized test scores, and teacher recommendation.

    In some cases, students might be invited to participate in the class with additional evidence at the end of the year (grades 5 and 6), and transfer students are sometimes invited to enter Accelerated Math based on evaluation once in St. Peter.

    Entrance into the Accelerated Math program at St. Peter School has additional benefits as well. Often students in this class will take other classes together, such as Science or Art for scheduling purposes. A student in Accelerated Math has the advantage of “traveling” through other classes with a highly competitive group of students, smaller classes, and optimal classroom conditions for activities such as Science labs or Art projects.

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