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    Academic Excellence Fostered By Catholic Tradition


    Welcome to our St. Peter School Community! St. Peter School is a Catholic school serving students from grades prekindergarten through eighth grade. Our school operates under the auspices of the Diocese of Camden, serving the educational needs of the parishioners of St. Peter Parish (Merchantville, NJ), as well as surrounding communities. Our school proudly seeks to model the five benchmarks of Catholic Education outlined in the authoritative documents of the Roman Catholic Church:

    1. St. Peter School is animated by a supernatural vision of education
    2. St. Peter School is founded on a Christian Anthropology or understanding of the human person.
    3. St. Peter School is animated by communion and community
    4. St. Peter School’s curriculum is imbued with a Catholic worldview.
    5. St. Peter School seeks to build a culture of education where all stakeholders are animated by outstanding Christian witness.

    While not perfect, we strive to approximate these benchmarks as closely as possible, so as to discharge the sacred duty of Catholic education. We believe we are truly different in this regard, as the the episcopal document, The Religious Dimension of Education in a Catholic School clearly states,

    “While the Catholic school is like any other school in this complex variety of events that make up the life of the school, there is one essential difference: it draws its inspiration and its strength from the Gospel in which it is rooted” (par. 47).


    The mission of St. Peter School is to teach, nurture, and model Gospel values in the Catholic tradition, while promoting individual growth and academic excellence.

    St. Peter School has served students in South Jersey since 1927. Aside from providing an outstanding Catholic education to students over the years, our school has also given rise to many vocations to the priesthood as well. Our alumni is made up of many successful individuals, many of which continue to attend St. Peter Parish and now send their own children to our school.

    Our general curriculum is set by the Diocese of Camden and our goal is for students to greatly exceed state and national standards for student performance. Our curriculum is enhanced further by school specific co-curricular programs that seek to interface a traditional Catholic liberal arts curriculum with innovations in science and technology. St. Peter School strives to be a school where faith and reason embrace; where our Catholic intellectual tradition informs and guides the latest advancements in contemporary education; where the pursuits of science and application of technology are placed under the gentle yoke of Catholic social teaching.

    The purpose of St. Peter School, and our commitment to our families, is simply nothing other than to form children of virtue who are fully equipped by the time they graduate from eighth grade to be disciples of Jesus Christ in a rapidly changing world.

    Here are some of the distinctive advantages of our school:

    • Weekly Mass in our beautiful church next door
    • An outstanding school choir
    • A highly qualified faculty who are also committed to proclaiming the Gospel in all facets of Catholic education
    • A deep sense of tradition among families in the school- many sending their children for multiple generations
    • Daily prayer at start and close, along with teacher and student driven prayer throughout the day, including recitation of the Rosary
    • A safe, orderly environment conducive to the education of your child
    • Supportive priests who teach religion weekly to our Middle School students
    • Preparation and formation for the Sacraments of Holy Communion and Confirmation
    • Periodic reception of the Sacrament of Confession (three times per year at a minimum)
    • Rigorous course of education that preserves and emphasizes the liberal arts along side science, math, and technology
    • Diverse student activities and clubs, such as robotics, karate, choir, and various sports
    • A variety of service activities such as service to our Senior Care Center (St. Peter Parish), support of our local St. Vincent De Paul Society, and many other activities
    • A truly whole child approach to education, open to knowledge of God and His teachings
    • An integrated approach to education; a focus on technology across the curriculum; a focus on the intersection of faith and knowledge in all its branches; a focus the cultivation of reading and writing skills across our curriculum
    • An emphasis on classic literature within our reading curriculum
    • An emphasis on the study of Latin as a means for improving vocabulary and grammar skills, and establishing a foundation for the learning of multiple world languages
    • An emphasis on the cultivation of specific virtues within our school disciplinary code

    Why not come visit us for a tour? Please call 856-665-5879 to arrange one today!

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