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  • 51 West Maple Ave. Merchantville, NJ
  • Our Faculty and Staff

    St. Peter School is comprised of 17 full and part-time instructors, 7 aides, and 3 part time nurses. Among our full-time instructors, all have either full or provisional state teaching certifications in either New Jersey. Additionally, 30% of our full-time instructors have Master’s degrees in education related disciplines.

    We are committed to ensuring reasonable class sizes to maximize the quality of instruction in core disciplines. Using only full time instructors, our teacher-student ratio for grades K-8 is 1:14. We focus on keeping ratio’s even smaller through the innovative use of part time instructors and aides, utilizing several part-time teachers to subdivide larger classes in grades 4-8 for more optimal instruction. For instance, the average class size for English Language Arts instruction (Reading/Writing) in grades 6-8 is approximately 12-15 students per class. A typical science lab, which would occur at least once per week in grades 6-8, has approximately 15 students in it. Classes in grades 5-8 are further subdivided through accelerated math, science, and honors literature classes.

    Principal Mrs. Kathy O’Callaghan
    School Secretary Mrs. Kimberly Harron
    PreK 3 Mrs. Edna Terry
    PreK 4 Mrs. Cathy Viola
    Kindergarten Mrs. Linda Lammers
    Grade 1 Mrs. Tracy Roseboro
    Grade 2 Mrs. Monica DiBease
    Grade 3 Ms. Katherine Manfredonia
    Grade 4 Mrs. Tracy Hall
    Grade 5 Ms. Mary Campanell
    Grade 6 (ELA 6-8) Mrs. Wendy Tell
    Grade 7 (Math 6-8) Mrs. Allison Smith
    Grade 8 (Science 5-8) Mrs. Kathleen Newman
    Art Mrs. Anne Allende
    S.T.E.M./Technology Mrs. Jennifer Marisi
    Latin Mrs. Andrea Allen
    Social Studies and Spelling (6-8) Ms. Sandra Marrazzo
    Music, Religion (5-8) Mrs. Sarah Pearson
    Physical Education Ms. Crystal Atkinson
    Lead School Nurse Mrs. Angela George
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