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    “Where Words Fail Music Speaks” ~ by Hans Christian Andersen

    Music at St. Peter School is offered weekly and the curriculum is based on individual grade levels.

    Our music classes provide many opportunities for the students to shine and find their creative side.  Here are some examples of our classroom fun:


    Drum Buckets





    Music Theory

    Music History

    Christmas Concert

    Spring Concert

    Music has a connection with every subject in school! Math, Language, History, Reading and Science all play a part in music.


    Here at St. Peter School we have a group called the St. Peter Performers (Grades 5th – 8th)  They work hard each year to bring you an entertaining Spring musical. Auditions are in December and the group practices once a week after school. The performances are early May! The St. Peter Performers also learn about everything behind the scenes including, sets, props, costumes, lighting, sound, etc.  They also do several team building activities and make lifelong friendships!

    Music in Other Ways

    Band / Instrumental Instruction
    Students in grades 4 through 8 have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and perform in the school band. This program is an excellent way for students to further their growth in music. As they enter the program, students may chose from a variety of wind and percussion instruments. Both the Beginner Band and the Advanced Band work very hard during the school year in preparation for a winter and spring concerts. The students strive to perfect their skills individually, as they learn to blend together as a group and develop into skilled young musicians.

    Children’s Choir
    The Children’s Choir gives students the opportunity to use their voices in praise and adoration to God. The choir performs at Sunday Mass as well as the Mass on Fridays when the whole school is in attendance. The choir provides a wonderful and youthful sound to the Mass and also displays the student’s individual ability to lead and sing solo. Singing in this ensemble has proven to be a highly spiritually rewarding experience for the students.

    Important Dates

    • 9:00 am to 11:00 pm
    • Boscov's
    Boscov’s Friends Helping Friends

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    • TBD to TBD
    • St. Peter Parking Lot
    Trunk or Treat

    It’s that time of the year again! Start looking on Pinterest for your favorite themes and costumes!

    October Calendar

    • October 4 -Faculty Meeting- 11:30 Dismissal
    • October 11 -Pre-K Class trip
    • October 16 – Boscov’s Friends Helping Friends Day
    • October 23 – Picture Day – Grades 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6
    • October 24 – Picture Day – Grades Pre-K 3, Pre-K 4, K, 5, & 7
    • October 25 – Trunk and Treat PTA Event
    • October 28 – No School – Faculty In-Service