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    “In principium, verbum erat…” (John 1:1); “In the beginning, was the word…”

    Students in grade five will receive Latin instruction two days a week while students in grades 6-8 will receive formal, grammar based Latin instruction four days per week during full length classes.

    There are five key objectives of this program, all consistent with Diocesan guidelines, as well as state and national standards.

    Key Objectives

    Enhance mastery of English grammar conventions by contrasting English with an inflected language (Latin is based on stems and endings rather than word order)

    Cultivate a more rapid acquisition of English vocabulary; one Latin root word can easily have five or more English derivatives, making it a highly efficient way of acquiring English vocabulary

    Enhance learning for English-Second Language Students. The emphasis on English grammar by contrast and English vocabulary acquisition greatly accelerates the rate at which Hispanics, in particular, can master the English language- but it also helps English students better understand Spanish vocabulary.

    Lay a solid foundation for learning multiple languages; students who gain mastery of Latin will have easier access to several world languages through the study of only one language. This will help them master world languages more quickly in high school and college

    Orient our curriculum to the liturgical life of the school; students will learn hymns and prayers in Latin, often in conjunction with music class, and so will develop a better appreciation of the Mass, its history, and will apply what they learn in the school Masses.

    Important Dates

    • 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
    • Cherry Hill Location
    Barnes & Noble Night

    Join us at Barnes and Noble for fun activities, special guest readers, a presentation by a local young author, a presentation by the SPS Drama Club and of course the chance to get your summer reading books!

    September Calendar

    • September 4, Labor Day, NO SCHOOL
    • September 6, First Day of School, Grades 1-8, 11:30 Dismissal
    • September 6, Kindergarten Welcome, 9-11 AM
    • September 6, Pre-K Parent Orientation, 6:30 PM
    • September 7, FULL DAY K-8
    • September 7, Pre-K Welcome, 9-11 AM
    • September 8, Pre-K Classes Begin
    • September 14, Back to School Night, Grades 5 through 8, 6:00 PM
    • September 18, NO SCHOOL, Teacher In-Service
    • September 21, Back to School Night, Grades Pre-K through 4, 6:00 PM