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  • Extracurricular Activities

    After School Clubs

    These clubs are held once a week after school until 3:30 PM. They are offered at no cost to our students. Membership in the clubs will be interesting, challenging, and fun!

    Mythology Club: Held on Mondays Grades 6-8

    Mythology club members will read and discuss classical works of literature that focus on ancient myths from various cultures. The purpose of the club is to trace the contours and lessons of these myths and how they pervade contemporary culture. Additionally, by studying the ancient myths, students can retrace the steps in which God the Father formed the Gentile peoples for the Advent of the Messiah.

    Karate Club: Held on Wednesdays Grades 3-8
    As a member you will learn about the martial art of Tae Kwon Do. In addition to boosting your physical fitness, the martial arts will help you with focus and concentration. The Karate Club is open for membership for students from grade 3 – 8. Students in the club must exhibit excellent classroom behavior and effort during their regular classes and meetings.

    Robotics Club: Held on Fridays Grades 7-8
    The Robotics Club is open to the first 8 students in grades 7 to 8 who return the form. Besides interest, students seeking membership in the club must exhibit excellent classroom behavior and effort during their regular classes and meetings.