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    Candy Bingo - 9/22/17

    The students had a sugary good time!

    Fun Day

    Check out the fun the students had on Fun Day!

    Race for Education

    Thank you to our sponsors!

    Check out our runners!

    Living Stations of the Cross

    St. Peter’s 6th Grade Performs Living Stations of the Cross

    First Annual St. Peter's 8th Grade Egg-Drop is "Egg-cellent!"

    On Monday, April 10, students in St. Peter’s eighth grade class competed in the the first annual egg-drop. This dynamic activity originated in Mr. Hamburger’s eighth grade art class.

    Students were to design an appealing capsule that would ultimately protect an egg from a three story drop! I’m sure many adults remember completing such assignments when they were in school. However, this project was rather unique because the students needed to design a capsule that reflected popular children’s characters and themes. Not only was the capsule to be engineered to protect the egg, but the students needed to apply their creative and artistic skills.

    The results were rather impressive! Starting with a simple milk carton, students designed everything from “Chic-Filet Milkshakes” to BB-8 and R2-D2! According to Mr. Hamburger, about 85% of the cartons successfully protected the egg when dropped from the rooms of Miss Campenell and Mrs. Newman.

    The event included all grade levels though. Some classes focused on estimating the average speed of the cartons, while others interviewed the eighth graders. Other students applied statistics and tallied votes as to which design the students favored the most. All students in grades 1-7 had a chance to vote on their favorite cartons. At the end of the day, all students came out to the alley to watch the egg drop. The event was topped off by a cool treat from the PTA: Icee Pops!

    Student Appreciation Day

    Student appreciation day was a huge success thanks to Omegaman, Mark Wilkes and his message, “Be The H.E.R.O. in YOU! Helping Everyone Respect Others!! Students screamed and cheered as Mark bent steel with his teeth, lifted kids over his head and snapped a baseball bat in half; while spreading his message of being true to yourself and following your dreams.

    Even Mr. Saffioti got in on the act, as Omegaman hoisted him on his back! Thank you for being such a good sport Mr. Saffioti and thank you to Marci and Mia Abate for organizing the event and making all the superhero snacks!