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  • SPS Students to form Mythology Club

    SPS Students to form Mythology Club

    Christianity is true myth. ~C.S.Lewis

    The students in 7th grade at SPS have a passion for something really cool: mythology! They love reading books on the mythology of ancient Greece, Rome, and Norse lore, not to mention other myths. Some of them decided to do something about this- they are going to form an after school club when they can get together to read, discuss, and even create their own myths! What a fantastic idea, and we are delighted that it is the students themselves who have initiated this movement! The club will be open to students in grades 6-8 and moderated by Mr. Schrader, our SPS middle school Latin teacher, classics scholar, and published author.

    Here are the details for students interested:

    Who? Any student in grades 6-8

    When? Mondays, afterschool, from 2:30-3:30.

    Where? Room 200. Pickup will be at the after care door (second door facing the convent)

    What? Students will read, discuss, and sometimes create their own myths (really cool ones will be published to a student blog created on our web site).

    Why? Mythology is really a lot of fun and can only enhance a truly Catholic education by cultivating the powers of moral imagination and our understanding of the role of symbolism in culture. It was the way God Himself prepared the Gentiles.

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